Mortal Kombat 11 - 2019 Pro Kompetition Reveal

2019-ж., 16-апр.
6 554 Көрүүлөр

We're back Kombatants and ready for Round One of the #MK11 #ProKompetition! With $250,000 on the line, kombatants from across the globe will kompete to prove they are the best of EarthRealm. First rounds to be played at Combo Breaker in Chicago.
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  • А4 Да Нет

    Улмекен ЖубаткановаУлмекен ЖубаткановаАй мурун
  • I love you

    saad chsaad ch8 ай мурун
  • mortal kombat is coming back as a microtransation to cash cow the consumer ever

    born to be gamerborn to be gamer2 жыл мурун
  • Tag Team in MK11

    Rodrigo AraújoRodrigo Araújo2 жыл мурун
  • 🇧🇷

    Rodrigo AraújoRodrigo Araújo2 жыл мурун
  • return the MK 11 to Ukraine!

    Eugene KonorevEugene Konorev2 жыл мурун
  • Need ermac, nigt wolf, rain, quan chi, spawn... No need taceda and dead pull... ((((((

    Diamed Witch HunterDiamed Witch Hunter2 жыл мурун
  • Did i,.. did i just see a guy in a fur-suit?

    ZilleyonZilleyon2 жыл мурун
    • @Drake Wilson the furries are taking over!

      ZilleyonZilleyon2 жыл мурун
    • Yeah, he's sonicfox, one of the best Fighting game players around.

      Drake WilsonDrake Wilson2 жыл мурун
  • What was that stage lmfaoooooo

    Static ShockStatic Shock2 жыл мурун
  • Wow!

    AuribowAuribow2 жыл мурун
  • Competition

    Chaēž JR7Chaēž JR72 жыл мурун
  • Y'all don't waste no time, do ya? 😄

    Jerome SearsJerome Sears2 жыл мурун
  • 3 vs3 double round robin like street fighter 5 pro league?

    Jason SmithJason Smith2 жыл мурун
  • 1st? Second but hey, Why not?

    Invader1037Invader10372 жыл мурун
  • Nice 👍

    Lemonjuice12 grLemonjuice12 gr2 жыл мурун